Mission Log

Flight Officer Joseph H. Noyes was a B-17 pilot during the Second World War. The table below shows all the USAAF bombing missions Joe participated in.

As you can see, Joe’s first mission flown was to Saint-Omer, France on May 13th 1943.

He later participated in the Schweinfurt–Regensburg mission on August 17th led by Curtis LeMay. The 95th Bomb Group (H) sent 21 aircraft that day, and lost 4. 

Missions Flown by F/O Noyes

05-13Saint-Omer, France229780Copilot
05-14Antwerp, Belgium25795Copilot
06-11Wilhelmshaven, Germany23202Copilot
06-25Bremen, Germany230182Pilot
06-29Le Mans, France230219Pilot
07-04La Pallice, France230182Pilot
07-14Le Bourget, France230182Pilot
07-24Trondheim, Norway230182Pilot
07-25Kiel (Warnemunde), Germany230182Pilot
07-28Oschersleben, Germany230182Pilot
08-12Bonn, (Wesseling), Germany230182Pilot
08-15Merville-Lille Vendeville, France230182Pilot
08-17Regensburg, Germany230182Pilot
08-31Lille Meulan, France230182Pilot
09-09Paris (Beaumont-sur-Oise), France230634Pilot
09-15Paris (Billancourt), France23266Pilot

The final mission of The Joe Noyes Crew was to Paris (Billancourt), France, on Wednesday, Sept. 15th 1943.

After hitting their target at 1854 hours, the formation of 95th Bomb Group B-17s were about 15 miles off Beachy Head and returning to base, when Joe was spotted flying in the number 9 spot in the high squadron. At that point and with no apparent difficulty, he was seen to lose altitude and leave his position.

The mystery of what happened to The Joe Noyes Crew is hidden deep beneath the water of the English Channel.