Reading List

This is my list of favorite books relating to WW2, and military aviation history. In the process of learning about the Second World War and the airmen who took to the skies with the Eighth Air Force over England, I have read, skimmed, browsed, and re-read quite a few books. All of these books have made a difference in who I am today, and I feel that everyone should read them, even if they don’t usually read books of this genre. These stories are our living history, and they need to be shared.

This book was written by Harry Conley, who flew with Joe Noyes and knew him very well. Harry thought highly of Joe and his flying skills, and turned his crew over to him when he was promoted. He mentions Joe a few times in his memoirs, and I am forever grateful for the insight he shared. It was an honor to speak to him over the phone many years ago.

This is the original book in which I met Joe Noyes. I promise that when you read through these pages you will be transported back in time, and you will feel personally connected to these brave men, their life stories, and their sacrifices. This book changed my life.

Joe Noyes and his crew had already been lost when the US 8th Air Force set out on this second mission to bomb the factories at Schweinfurt. This is their harrowing and sobering story. Never forget Black Thursday!

After I read this book I felt like I knew Sgt. Howard Goodner, who was the radio operator assigned to a B-24. This is a compelling book about family, war, life in the 1940’s, and the training that our aircrews went through. Sgt. Howard Goodner and crew were lost only two weeks before the end of the Second World War.