The continuance of this project would not be possible without the gracious support and assistance of the following individuals and organizations. Thank you all for your words of wisdom, for your enthusiasm even when progress is slow, and for your dedication to ensuring that the story of The Joe Noyes Crew lives on forever.

Joe’s Family & Friends

Robert E. Noyes
Sara Baty Noyes
Matt Noyes
Tom J. Noyes
Elizabeth Noyes Trunkey
Donna Davis Flynn
Paul E. Perceful
W.L. Bergman
John Noyes
Lori Noyes Norton
Tami Noyes Wiegand

95th Bomb Group (H) Veterans

Col. Harry G. Conley, USAF (Ret.)
Col. H. Griffin Mumford, USAF (Ret.)
Lt. Col. Robert C. Cozens, USAF (Ret.)
Flight Officer Paul E. Perceful, USAF

Family of The Missing Airmen

Mary Pirtle (David F. Prees)
Marguerite M. Rice (Rex A. Rice)


Maj. David M. Blankenstein, USAF
95th BG Memorials Foundation
Bob Rosenzweig
Gerald Grove
Col. Daniel Cummins, USAF (Ret.)
Michael Darter
Dennis Sparks
Richard E. Flagg
The Marines’ Memorial Association
Bill Murchison
Brad Petrella
Rob Morris